Review Wizard Review – $30k/mo With Reviews?

WP Social Contact review

Hey it’s Jonas.

This review will be super short, I mainly just want to show you what the Review Wizard plugin looks like in action, and you should see that on this page.

In short: Review Wizard is a software but it also comes with video training.

The training covers:

Affiliate Marketing Intro
Domain and Hosting
Why WordPress How To Install
Themes And Plugins
G+ and Facebook Intro
Finding Products To Promote
How To Get Approved As An Affiliate
Writing Your Review
Using Google And Facebook
Adding A Bonus
Building Your List

The training is created by Brett and is very easy to follow along.

You’ll learn the basic stuff such as how to setup domain and hosting, why you should use wordpress and how to install it.

The necessary themes and plugins.

Why you should use Google Plus and Facebook (probably not what you think)

What kind of products to promote, how to get approved as an affiliate in the first place.

How to write your review, how to actually use Google and Facebook

How to add a bonus, and finally, how you should build your list.

Watch my video review for a more in-depth video.




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