Instant Profit Formula Review

Instant Profit Formula review

Hey it’s Jonas, welcome to my full Instant Profit Formula review!

I’ll be giving you a complete members area tour so that you know exactly what it is that you are getting yourself into, should you choose to pick this up.

At the bottom of this page i’ll also show you the really cool bonuses that you’ll get if you pick this up through my link.

What is Instant Profit Formula?

Instant Profit Formula review

Here’s a quick summary of my Instant Profit Formula review in case you don’t want to read the whole thing:

You’ll learn how David Fearon created a product “out of thin air” and got Deal of The Day, and a lot more.

There’s tons and tons of videos in this course and I think you’ll love it. Big time over delivery here.

This really isn’t your typical 10-15 dollar WSO which I think is really refreshing.

First of all, here’s my video review of this course. If you prefer to read, keep scrolling!

What’s Inside The Instant Profit Formula Members Area?

I have access, so let’s take a look!

There’s a total of 12 sections of the course, and an additional 2 bonus sections (I couldn’t fit all the sections into the screenshot above)

Let’s take it from the start, shall we?

1st section – Orientation & Introduction

This first section contains two videos in which David Fearon, creator of this course, will cover what he’s going to go through in this course. He’ll cover each section of the product which is pretty cool, once you’ve watched this video you know exactly what to expect.

There’s also a quick introduction video.

Case Study

In these two videos, we’re going to see how David’s previous launch did in terms of sales and more.

The first video is recorded roughly two days after the product went live, the second video is an update that he recorded a couple days after that. We’ll see some very impressive numbers here.

This video was created to show you the potential of what you yourself can make if you take action!

2nd section – What To Expect When Building Your Own Product

This part contains two videos, the first one is titled the same as the actual section, and the other one is called “WHY you should be creating your own products”

In the first video, we’ll learn about a couple different things that you need to decide what you want to do with when it comes to creating the product.
As an example, do you want to:

Create everything yourself?
Outsource specific parts of it?
Outsource almost everything?

You’ll also learn about some mistakes David made that you can now avoid thanks to that
(huge time saver)

Plus a lot more, but i’m not going to cover literally everything because this review would be way too long in that case!

3rd section – What Products To Make?

Now it’s time to decide in what format you want to deliver your product.

There’s a couple different options, such as:

Audio file
Video course
Software (you probably won’t want to start off with this unless you have experience with this)

David will explain pros and cons of these.

There’s more in here as well but as said previously, i’m not going to cover literally everything!

4th section – Your Perfect Customer & Niche

Who is your target customer? Find out more about who it is that you’ll actually be selling to.

There are two other videos here too, one is called The Big Idea and the other one Niche Selection.

Here’s a screenshot from The Big Idea, which is a very important video to watch:

5th section – As The Crow Flies – Path To Success

One of the most important videos of all – How to stay on track, basically.

Kind of like a checklist of things you need to think of and have ready before you launch.

6th section – Actually Creating Your Products

Insanely in-depth section here, that will teach you how to create:

A video course
An ebook
An audio course

+ Davids recommended software for getting sales pages etc set up.

7th section – Getting Your Products Online

How to actually get your new course online so that people can purchase it.

Setting it up on WarriorPlus, everything covered here.

7.5 – Aweber, emails etc

How to integrate Aweber (autoresponder for sending bulk emails, which is one way of making a lot of money with when you have a list of subscribers) with Clickfunnels and how to create landing pages

8th section – Gathering Support

How to get support for your launch, which in short means, how to get other people to promote for you.

There’s a lot of things to think about here, get this wrong and your launch will most likely fail… things like David, and your chances of having a 5 figure product launch will increase by a ton.

9th section – Booking Your Launch Day

You can’t just pick any day to launch if you want it to be successful.


David will cover that in-depth in this module.

He also has a very short but extremely important video about PayPal, if you don’t do this your entire launch could fail within minutes of launching. You can’t afford to miss this video, seriously.

10th section – Rinse, repeat

Want to make more money? It just got a lot easier, because you now have proof + more!

11th section – Expectations, How Much Can You Make?

This will all depend. You might make 0 sales. You might make 5000 sales.

If you do things like David will teach you, a realistic amount of sales to make on your first launch will be somewhere between 50 and 500 sales.

Revenue wise, this depends as well.

I’d say somewhere between $500-$5,000.

One quick tip that I can personally give you is to try and team up with someone that has already launched a product before, that way you increase your chances of having a more successful launch.

I’ve only ever launched two products myself, both with more experienced marketers.

My first launch did around $7000 in revenue I believe, and the second did over $50,000!

12th section – Conclusion

This section doesn’t really need any further’s a conclusion of the course.

Bonus Module: Outsourcing

This is a great module on when you’re going to want to outsource, and when you probably shouldn’t.

Bonus Module 2: Graphics training

Quick video about how you can create stunning design art for yourself.

And that’s a wrap of the front end!

To summarise, I would HIGHLY recommend this course.

I launched my own product July 1st 2017 and it generated over $50,000 which to me is just mindblowing.

The coolest part about that? You can do it too if you take action on what David teaches you in this product.
(You also get access to mine and Jono’s awesome bonuses if you pick it up through the button below!)

Buy Instant Profit Formula here

Here are the upsells:

OTO 1: Instant Profit Sorcery – $27
Instant Profit Sorcery compliments Formula perfectly. David has included multiple done for you sales pages including 2 of his very own that converted at 17%.  He has also included JV page scripts, designs, video scripts etc, this really is one of the biggest time-saving packages he could have put together… ready for you to fill in the blanks. You will love this.

OTO 2: Instant Profit Alchemy – $47
More “done for you” sales pages, JV pages, JV scripts, graphics, absolutely anything and everything that will save you TIME and money!  Also includes David’s Instant Profits Formula Traffic Flood e-book…55 Pages of traffic getting goodness.

OTO 3: Instant Profit Live Workshop – $97
Exciting VIP access to David Fearon and his Instant Profit Live Workshop for 6 Weekly live training sessions of intensive modular intimate training.

Jonas & Jono’s Amazing Bonus Package

Please watch the review video at the top of this page to see all of our bonuses, i’ll just cover a few here:

Bonus 1: Launch Insights from Jonas

In this video, I talk about things that I think me and my launch partner got right, and things that we got wrong.

You’re going to absolutely love this video since it goes hand in hand with the main product.

Bonus 2: How To Rank Evergreen videos

The information inside this module has made me thousands of dollars.
Now it’s your turn.

Buy Instant Profit Formula here

One last thing: You have to click the link on this page if you want to get the bonuses mentioned, so make sure my link is the last one you clicked.

I hope this review helped you make a decision of whether you should get this or not!

Get Instant Profit Formula now with my bonuses!

Have a great day,

/Jonas Lindgren (learn more about me)

PS: Thanks for reading and/or watching my Instant Profit Formula review I hope you liked it.


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