Funnelkit Go Review

Funnelkit Go Review

Have you been struggling to take your business to the next level? Maybe you have an excellent product that you’d love to share with the world, but because you do not understand many of the technical aspects of the Internet, you’ve been held back until this point.
Unfortunately, this is the story that we hear from many people each and every day. They have great ideas for their online business. They have wonderful information that they would love to share with the world, but stupid technical things hold them back from achieving massive success.

Do not be a victim to technical issues any longer? The Funnel Kit by Emka Strimaitis is the answer that you’ve been looking for. It’s going to revolutionize your business and finally level the playing field.

Because here’s what you need to understand…

This software will eliminate the majority of your technical challenges. It will give you a real opportunity to put up quality webpages of any design. You’ll have a chance to put up attractive pages on the web that will definitely draw in new prospects and customers into the fold.


And that’s exactly what we need to achieve online, isn’t it?

Remember, you can have the best product in the world. You can have an awesome affiliate sales funnel. But if you do not have the technological experience to get your business off the ground, you ultimately have nothing. That’s the sad truth in the online business world. And thankfully Emka understands your needs, which is why he created this phenomenal product to help you finally achieve your online dreams.

What Is FunnelKit Go?

Let’s make this nice and simple…
This software is an advanced Internet marketing page building product. It gives you the ability to create all sorts of pages on the web.

As an example…

Do you need to create a lead capture page to collect email addresses and build your customer email list? You can do so with the Funnel Kit software.

Are you trying to sell a product but lacking a high quality sales page? The Funnel Kit Go software has you covered.

Are you looking to create a webinar registration page in order to capture the attention of a live audience and really boost your sales? Emka’s software is exactly what you need because it creates phenomenal webinar registration pages as well.

Why Choose FunnelKit Go over Other Similar Products?

This is a great question, and it deserves a great answer so that’s what we’re going to give…
More than anything else, the software outshines the competition in a number of different categories.

For starters, it provides a clean interface. This is perfect for those that struggle with the technical aspects of Internet marketing. You know who I’m talking about… Yes, you!
With the clean interface at your command, you’ll be able to simply and easily create webpages to your heart’s desire.

You no longer have to worry about being stopped dead in your tracks because you cannot figure out what you’re supposed to do next. The simple interface makes everything so easy that you’ll never struggle with the technical aspects of the Internet ever again.


Next, let’s talk about conversions…

These pages have been extensively tested. So you know that you are creating pages that convert liking gangbusters before you ever even put them on the web. That’s the great thing about a product like this, because it takes all of the guesswork out of the equation.
You no longer have to wonder if you are putting a highly converting squeeze page, sales page or webinar registration page online. They definitely convert.

It’s been thoroughly tested. You have nothing to worry about.

Lastly, I’d like to mention that it is a WordPress plug-in. This is not some type of difficult or technical software that you’d never be able to figure out. Everybody’s using WordPress nowadays, so it’s going to integrate with everything that you are already doing.
This is perfect because we’re not trying to reinvent the online wheel.

We want a simple plug-and-play system that does exactly what it says it’s going to do. And that’s precisely what you get with FunnelKit Go by Emilis Strimaitis.

Does the Software Come with Any Bonuses?

Glad you asked…

The software actually comes with two extremely valuable bonuses that will really help expand your business and take it to another level.

The first bonus is called My Solodex.

Are you looking for the best solo ad vendors in the market? Well look no further, because once you pick up this product you will have access to literally hundreds of solo ad vendors in an instant. This is a phenomenal way to build your Internet marketing mailing list and take your profits to the next level.

The second bonus is a Marketing Graphics Pack.

This is the perfect bonus for those that struggle with the technical aspects of the Internet. You probably aren’t a graphic designer and you probably have no interest in becoming one. Now you don’t have to, because Emka is sharing some excellent graphics with all of those who decide to pick up Funnel Kit.

I like this bonus because eliminates the need to hire a graphic designer. I get tired of paying all of these outsourcers so much money for decent graphics. Having the Marketing Graphics Pack at your fingertips is going to eliminate the need for graphic designers from now on.

Last but not least…

When Is Funnel System Being Released?

You may have found this page early due to all of the hype and interest in this product. The interest is definitely deserved, and that’s why you probably found your way here before the launch date.

The official product launch takes place on December 11, 2013 at 1 PM Eastern Standard Time. So if you found your way here a little early, please bookmark this page and come back on the launch date to take advantage of the incredible bonuses that we are offering.

Click here to pick up FunnelKit Go today.