Chris Groves CPL Course – $146 in 12 hours?


Hey there, it’s Jonas.

I recently started using this exact business model again and the results have been
absolutely insane.

I’ve made so much more money with free traffic than I ever thought possible,
and it really is so simple that anyone from the age 10-100 can do it.

Want some proof?

earnings July 6-19
Above earnings is, as you can see, from July 6th to July 19th 2015.

Not all of it is from free traffic however, but most of it is.

I put the sub-id as ‘fbg’ (facebook groups) and you can see the results here:

facebook groups
100% free traffic. As in, I did not spend a single cent on this. It’s pure profit. The only thing I did spend money on was a domain name which cost me $0.99 from Godaddy that I redirect to an offer.

So my ROI is..well, my math sucks but it’s a profit of $1604.61 I believe, which is pretty damn neat in my opinion.

Want these kind of results yourself?

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